Often because of perfectionism, self-doubt, self-sabotage and/or poor work life balance and health it can be challenging to even get out of the starting blocks to get stuff done.

Procrastination is a clever beast and requires a sharper than sharp body and mind to consistently stare it down and get stuff done.

A The Learning and Development Company we understand that procrastination will always be a challenge and that having lots of tools and understanding is the best chance we stand of tackling it from day to day. Here’s 4 tips to kicking procrastination.

Done is better than good…

Try to get your head around being consistently imperfect to create real momentum and get things done. Most people that are successful and seemingly ‘perfect’ in what they do are constantly taking actions. Perfectionism often debilitates or hinders results. Actions = Outcomes. “Resistance… Has no strength of its own…We feed it with power by our fear of it…Master that fear and we conquer resistance” Steven Pressfeild – The War of art.

Inhabit your body

Your body loves your attention, when you keep it sharp it will reward you with the pleasures of high productivity and effectiveness. The opposite applies… put crap in, get crap out. Inhabit your body and mind with fresh thoughts and produce, don’t let unconsciousness control your outcomes. Try incorperating a regular Mindfulness practice to get clear on your goals and ‘to do’s’.


In the same way we get addicted to sex, drugs (recreational or emotional), anxiety, despair and last minute panic, we can also get hooked on momentum and results. what’s your balance? If the former is tipping the scales and it just so happens that you suffer from procrastination and lack of results, it may be time for a ‘health check’ and to reevaluated what you are addicted to.


Breaking down the task into sections can allow your brain to focus on smaller chunks. If a task seems to big or daunting there’s a chance you need to either learn more about the subject matter, or simply need to get clarity by breaking it down to manageable pieces. Take an A4 piece of paper and divide it in to eight boxes, transfer the eight most Important tasks for the day from your to do list and get cracking – JFDI

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