The Essential Management Skills open course in London.. why it’s unique in the market place.

If you are fed up with sending people on one off training courses and not seeing any results/being able to measure the return on your investment, then this may be worth a read…

The venue

The Essential Management Skills open course takes place four to five times a year and CitizenM, pictured below. The venue compliments every aspect of our approach to running high impact leadership and management training. It’s a great learning space and is a million miles away from your standard grey conference room.






Who’s it’s for:

It’s ideal for managers that are:

  • Avoiding difficult conversations
  • Not hitting targets
  • Need a refresher course
  • Struggling to delegate
  • Having trouble being respected
  • Lack confidence to deliver results
  • Unsure how to develop their people
  • New to managing people

The structure and how it works

The ‘programme’ starts with pre-course objective setting from the participant and the business that is sending them. They complete a Prism behavioural profile questionnaire which will later help them understand and develop their style and preferences, strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by a two day face to face 10am – 5pm workshop, covering all of the fundamental aspects of management and leadership (see full agenda here). 

The course is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Participants receive an endorsement certification upon completion of the course and coaching process.

What differentiates the programme from others on the market… 

Participants create a workable action plan at the end of day two, then, they receive 2 x one hour coaching calls(spread over a two month period) to support and guide them in applying the tools. Individuals are supplied with supporting documents, spreadsheets and pre designed skills matrix logs to use during the post course support period. This process is key in helping us to measure the effectiveness of the training.

Measured return on investment

Brinkerhoff’s and other evaluation models suggest that only 1 in 6 participants deliver value after a training session, and that once back in the organisation struggle to implement what they’ve learned. The evidence our system has provided in 2017 shows that 5 out of 6 participants are noticing a significant impact on the results they get as a manager, their leadership style, and their ability to deal with difficult conversations.

It is our word that we’ll help you to measure the return on your investment which is why we’ve taken the time to apply our unique aftercare and ROI tracking system to the open course structure.

Follow the links below to see recommendations and find out what our clients say about the course:

Essential Management Skills

If you’d like to know more about the course or our in-house programmes please give us a call 07809480144 or 0208 068 6951

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