At The Learning and Development Company we are committed to serving our main cause – developing strong leaders. Our purpose is simple; empowering people and companies to create highly effective work environments, raising productivity and engagement, and minimizing costs as a result.

We are supporting companies to recover and thrive as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic to a more hopeful 2021 through valuable online training and content that makes a difference.

We have 2 upcoming events – one in December to end the year with a good book in the company of likeminded people, and another one in February to start 2021 with optimism and valuable knowledge. Both events are free of charge and made with the sole intention to support our clients and friends during these difficult times.

Dec 17th 2020 – L&D Book club event

Join us for a relaxed evening, just a week before Christmas Eve, to end this chaotic year in good company, making new connections, and discussing best leadership practices.


The main purpose of our book club is to create a community of individuals, who are excited about learning and sharing their thoughts and experience. The focus is mainly on professional and personal development books that can give us insight into leadership, psychology, business, and more related subjects.

In our December meet up we will go through the main topics and ideas of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action“. Watch this space to see what the book for January 2021 will be.

Given the current circumstances all book club discussions will be hosted via Zoom. For more information, click here.

Feb 2nd 2021 – Measuring ROI – How to make training effective

Have you ever felt like training courses don’t stick with your staff for long and as a result there is no change in their behavior and performance? Realising that development does not stop when an official course stops is what would make the difference.

To support you we have created an educational workshop on how to make training effective and how to measure return on investment (ROI).

The workshop is aimed at managers, leaders, and HR professionals, who are accountable for the effectiveness of training in their organization, and provides everything you need to know about organising and measuring any training initiative. We will explore common mistakes, share experiences of training that has been successful, and learn tools to ensure future training is effective.

The group will learn how to use the Kirt Patrick Model for effectively evaluating training. We will provide tools, ideas and example structures for assessing the return on investment of your training. Last but not least, the workshop will provide an opportunity for those participating to meet leaders from other organisations and industries, share ideas during breakout sessions and learn from their experiences.

Given the current circumstances the workshop will be hosted via Zoom. For more information, click here.

We intend to continue doing such events throughout 2021, so keep looking at this space to keep up to date with what we are doing to provide value and support.


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