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Welcome to The Learning & Development Company

The Learning and Development Company is a forward thinking, innovative and highly practical training provider for leadership, line management training and core staff development. Our guiding principles are straight forward but deeply effective. We pride ourselves on the authenticity and integrity of what we say and do, whether thats in the training room, client meetings or more importantly as we go about our daily lives. We deliver management open courses in London and work worldwide on a range of Management and leadership in-house  training programmes.

We believe that outstanding and impactful leadership first comes from the ability to self lead. We provide practical line management training and leadership training that helps people and businesses to develop purpose in their leadership and management approach. We provide them with the tools, techniques and strategy that get results and create high performing individuals and teams.

Our guiding principles

What really matters to us…


It’s important to us that the training we deliver is ‘real’ and genuine, not just a bunch of theoretical concepts. We’ll be honest with you and challenge the status quo


This is our moral beacon, it keeps us questioning, learning and training the right stuff and is a key leadership principle that we live by


We’ve established a deep purpose around why we do what we do and we love to help businesses and individual find meaning in the things they do