This blog is a special, warm welcome to Su Patel, our newly appointed in-house HR and Leadership Consultant at The Learning and Development Company.

Around mid 2017 as The Learning and Development Company, it’s methods, leadership programmes and open courses began to take the shape I’d planned for, I began thinking about a team.


It’s pretty straight forward in my eyes, experience, knowledge competence(clearly Su cut her teeth at Tesco) but more importantly, my unconscious need to feel the integrity seeping. Call it over the top, but I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to values and attitude.  The brand, team and what we deliver has to be impeccable.

On a Saturday afternoon, in August 2017, It was perhaps fate that I witnessed Su, a complete stranger,  deal with two of the most challenging and interpersonal types of conversations there are.  I’ve worked with lots of people that talk the talk, but walking the walk is different when it’s hard, particularly in our industry.  Little did I know, Su had 25 years of experience in ops HR at Tesco and was ready to hit the ground running.  I thought long and hard about the qualities I was looking for, then, when they showed up in a person as a match, decisions were easy.

I approached Su shortly after for a conversation at Costa Coffee in Mornington Crescent, within 10 minutes she was booked to deliver an hour long ‘HR perspective’ session at our Essential Management Skills course for a group of emerging leaders. Which was incredible.

Su is putting the finishing touches to her baby, a HR open course that prepares HR people at all levels for their own HR process and leadership challenges, covering all bases.  She’s now a permanent guest deliverer at the Essential Management Skills open course, and features in our flagship tailored Leadership Programmes. Su adds an invaluable HR perspective on recruitment, absence, retention and performance management. 

Welcome Su!!!!!!


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