Just to give you a flavour…

We have all sorts attend the Essential Management Skills Open Course in London, from fresh new managers to experienced leaders. We’ve clients in Manufacturing, PR, Recruitment, Marketing, Construction, Fashion, Hospitality to name but a few.

It truly is a great pleasure seeing participants grow into strong, highly capable and commited leaders, learning to use powerful tools, and making them their own.

Here’s what one of March’s open course participants has to say…

“Ross is absolutely amazing. His methods will completely change your outlook on management. Ross manages to make his course extremely informative, full of really interesting debates and group discussions and always full of lots of fun and laughter.

After the two days I spent with Ross I couldn’t wait to use the techniques he had introduced me to. The follow up calls really allowed us to get into the nitty gritty issues. Ross has a great way of letting you figure out the answers to your own questions and always gave me confidence to try new approaches and methods. He has truly changed my outlook on what good management is. It’s been great fun using the new skills I’ve learned and I can’t wait to see how the progression continues over the next few years.

If you are considering going on one of Ross’s courses yourself or want him to help improve your companies management, don’t think any more and make sure the next thing you do is book in! You 100% won’t regret it.

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