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3 Tips for Massive Influence I felt there were some extra influencing strategies I must share. The Apprentice candidate Jim Eastwood demonstrates in the video below that being a highly skilled influencer means having a toolbox full of tricks, techniques and strategies. Here’s a couple more for your box…

Proof’s in the pudding

The development of leadership credibility is often hinged on social proof, meaning that when people witness demonstrations of consistent results, they will, in many instances be influenced by what they see. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach is a great example, he consistently produces content and is ‘doing’ all of the time, Tony Robins, David Bowie and Apple are all leaders that fall in to this same category in their given fields. Execution beats intention all day long.


Watch Jedi Jim from the TV reality show The Apprentice carefully in the video below and you’ll see that he builds rapport well and is likeable, consciously or unconsciously this is a valuable skill. Becareful though, being liked alone simply isn’t enough in business, you’ll need to sharpen the rest of your tools too. For example he also demonstrates a good level of assertiveness – kicking some arse in the board room and showcasing his flexibility in style.


One meaning of the word is ‘mutual benefit’ but what we’re talking about here is giving first and not expecting to get back. That said, there is a difference between being bent over because you’re a soft touch and having strategy in your business relations. You get what you give is the key principle here.


No one likes a name dropper so you’ll need to slip these in with precision and accuracy. If you’ve worked with some well know clients or have achieved success in key areas of your career then let the right people know at the right time. Add your credentials on to your email footer, push the recognised stuff to the top of your CV etc…

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