We’ve just launched an exciting new brand and the process has been fantastic learning experience. For our first blog post I wanted to talk to you briefly about the stunt we’ve pulled with our crazy home page image.

It’s very interesting and somewhat emotionally challenging when someone begins to question what you stand for, and our brand development definitely been that kind of journey. Whilst building our new brand and website I wanted to convey some key messages in the imagery so that they snuggled up close and properly represented how we feel about Leadership, management, self-leadership, organisational and staff development.

At the Learning and Development Company our goal is to help our clients achieve outstanding results and we understand the challenges that come up along the way. I’m pretty certain that the stunt man in the picture didn’t pop out of the womb with the ability to surf his motorcycle down a country lane, but what I am sure of is that he ‘decided’ to learn the key principles, art, and science of the task at hand and set to work, practiced, practiced and practiced some more. I’m pretty sure too that he would have fallen many a time but eventually figured out what works and what doesn’t, and then one day graduated as an expert.

Providing people with everything they need in order to develop character (art) and teaching the tools and frameworks (science) that will enable outstanding performance, effectiveness and efficiency is what we do here at the Learning and Development Company and we just fell for this picture the moment we saw it!

We’d love to hear your thoughts? What does the picture say for you?

Until next time 😉

MD @ The Learning and Development company

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