First things first… build a strong foundation for maximum impact

There are lots of surface level tools and techniques for effective influencing that we teach on our leadership development programmes, but before we get started on those there are three much more important things you should get straight, three things that are going to have a much greater impact on your ability to influence, get results that stick, and build the relationships you really want in your professional and personal life.


Do what you can to become competent and confident at what you do and what you believe in. People will see the results that you get, and demonstrating that you get stuff done will have a massive impact on who and how you influence. Develop skill and acquire the tools you need to be the best. Get experienced and your leverage will skyrocket.


Do what you say you’re gonna do, follow through on tasks and behaviours, don’t be someone that knows loads but does’t actually do anything. Be sure to understand what integrity and authenticity mean and measure yourself on those respectful, honest and non-judgemental values and behaviours.


People love it when others are interested in them, sometimes just listening to someone or acknowledging and praising can effect the levels of influence we might have. Be open and honest and connect with people as much as you can, show empathy and a general sense of care for the results and wellbeing of others. Some of us can feel more comfortable in our own space which is ok, but be careful not to become disconnected, it could lower your influence and impact if you haven’t set some solid foundations.

I’m not going to lie and say these are easy to master, there is a fine art to developing these three fundamental traits and behaviours, take your time but trust me it works, work on these and you will reap the rewards

Ross T


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