Modular Programmes & one off courses

When it comes to tailored training we’ll work with you to decide the best course of action. We have lots of experience of running medium to large tailored modular programmes across many industries, as well a running one off, one or two-day training events.

If there is something more specific you are after that’s not on the website, please give as a call and we may well be able to help you.

Coaching skills for managers course

Management & Leadership development programs

Our Management and Leadership development programs are highly practical and provide the participants with the essential tools, techniques and strategies required to drive results and effectively lead and support their teams.

Influencing and impact course

Influencing Skills

The purpose of this course is to provide you with the tools and techniques required to be a highly impactful and respected influencer. We’ll help you to develop strategies for enhancing your personal brand, building long lasting and meaningful relationships, maximising the results that you get.

Coaching skills for managers course

Coaching skills for managers

This course is ideal for individuals and managers that are looking to enhance their coaching skills. It provides the participants with effective frameworks for coaching and aims to help them develop the behavioural skills set of a brilliant coach.

Enhancing personal effectiveness course

Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

The Enhancing Personal Effectiveness is an all-round fantastic skills development day and one that our clients can’t get enough of. Great for core staff development, incorporating time management, behavioural profiling, influencing and enhancing your decision making skills.

Time management course

Time Management

This course will provide you with everything you need in order to become great at time mastery. You’ll come away with a toolbox of highly effective techniques and approaches for planning and organising. We explore how to beat procrastination and other blockers of effectiveness and will give you systems that will move you to action and get the results you want on a regular and consistent basis.

The Venue

The perfect surroundings…

The perfect location

Surroundings are everything when it comes to providing the ideal learning experience. We’ve chosen one of the most creative, relaxing and professional venues in London to host all of our open courses. Lots of our clients also choose CitizenM as an alternative ‘off site’ venue for more specific tailored requirements.

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