Virtual Solutions

At The Learning and Development Company we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve outstanding results that last and impact both the business and the individuals that drive it. The current situation created by COVID-19 will not change that. We are here to support you even through the toughest times, that’s why we’ve gone online. Check out the list of virtual courses we are currently offering.



Essential Management Skills

Duration: 9 Hours Over 4 Weeks Price per person: What’s Included:

  • 1 x 15 minute 1:1 pre course call
  • 3 x 3 hour Zoom session
  • Intern assignments between sessions
  • Creation & implementation of individual action plans
  • 3 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls in-between sessions

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their responsibilities as managers
  • Set expectations in relation to behaviours and results – creating standards and vision
  • Recognise and apply appropriate and flexible leadership styles
  • Gain tools and approaches for dealing with ‘difficult people’
  • Learn how to apply different leadership styles
  • Understand S.M.A.R.T goal setting
  • Understand how teams and individuals develop
  • Design strategies for motivation
  • Handle difficult conversations minimising the need for disciplinary action
  • Give structured feedback and deal with emotional reactions to feedback
  • Apply new tools and techniques to their teams immediately
  • Recognise the cost of poor people management, recruitment and retention

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Inspiring Leaders Programme
  • This virtual Inspiring Leaders programme has been designed to support the development of managers at any level. The structure and content of this intensive online programme helps to develop a consistent approach to achieving results through people. The programme will raise the bar in performance levels, creating greater leadership capability in your company, strengthening the unity of the management teams, positively impacting productivity and profitability.


  • Participants will learn how to create values they can lead from, tools for performance management, feedback methods, effective structures for developing people, delegation and time management. They will leave with a solid understanding of how teams form and develop over time and will practice resilience and stress management throughout the programme.


  • In addition, the programme will provide a structure that encourages the participants to work together. They’ll embark on a number of self-directed learning activities that increase understanding and use of the tools in each module. The structure is specifically designed to have the group learn how to keep communication lines open and effective whilst working remotely. The process will create opportunities for recognising and measuring the result of behaviour and cultural shifts in the business, nurturing a team of strong leaders that operate with the highest levels of integrity.


  • Each participant will receive a coaching call in between each module in order to embed and discuss the tools as they occur for them, helping them to apply the learning and overcome any individual challenges. To end, each individual will deliver a final presentation, sharing what they have learned and communicating their journey to the relevant stakeholder.

ILM Qualifications

Additionally, you can choose to have the group gain a recognised qualification from the ILM. Please get in contact for more information.



Each module will be 2.5 hours long and delivered through Zoom

Module 1 – Understanding you the Manager

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching

 Module 2 – Performance Management

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching

Module 3 – SLII (Developing People)

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching, SLII E-learning modules, Pre-work

Module 4 – Time Management

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching

Module 5 – Influencing & Conflict Styles

Module 6 – Communication Skills

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching and Pre work

Module 7 – Stress Resilience & Motivation

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching and Pre work

Module 8 – Building Effective Teams

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching and Pre work

Module 9 – Story Telling & Presentation Skills

  • Group & individual Interim assignment, 1:1 coaching

Final Presentations

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Short Online Training Sessions

These 2-hour online (zoom) sessions can be done individually (buy only one) or can be put together to support your staff needs (buy a package of two/ three/ more).


We have 5 facilitators involved in covering the below subject matters, all with a wealth of expertise from different backgrounds. All of the sessions are highly interactive and, in most cases, involve pairs work and group break out, making the session personalised and relevant to individual and business challenges. If the topic has manager written next to it, it will contain leadership (or self-leadership), therefore can be run specifically to managers or to a mixed group.


Presenting your Best Self Online

A must attend programme in the new landscape of virtual working. This training session offers the necessary tools to present your best self, online. Participants learn the do’s and don’ts of video calls. They will become knowledgeable in the minimum requirements for presenting yourself effectively and naturally. Skills include staging, body language and technical competence. Participants will be able to work virtually with ease, demonstrating a confident and professional front to colleagues and clients.  


Mindfulness & Managing Stress

This session provides the participants with the fundamental tools required for managing stress, winding down and self-motivation. Participants will have the opportunity to explore breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, amongst other Mindfulness techniques. The group will learn the physical, biological and chemical impact of such exercises. Additionally, they will explore the term ‘self-motivation’, considering their own challenges in regard to producing consistent results, talking directly about modern-day distractions that lead us to inaction.


Resilience Strategies and Productivity

The ability to stay calm, focused and effective in your role is more important than ever. This session equips participants with the necessary tools to access resilience and confidence during periods of challenge, change and uncertainty. Participants are provided with strategies for managing their time and energy levels, as well as cutting edge tools and technology for switching off that they can put into practice the very same day.


Developing Self & Others (SLII) (managers)

Managing workloads & delegation is a requirement of most of us to varying degrees. SLII is a highly effective tool for diagnosing ‘development levels’,  there for understanding how to guide another person or ourselves through the learning curve. This session helps participants recognise the need for a flexible leadership or teaching style. They learn how varying degrees of direction and support speed up the process of building competence and confidence. This session is highly interactive with group breakout session to enable application of the tools.


Enhancing Personal Effectiveness (manager)

In this session we introduce the participant to a highly effective tool for measuring their overall performance in relation to both results and behaviours. We explore how individuals and collective cultures can take responsibility for how they are ‘being’ in regard to work ethic and productivity. The group will also learn about two fundamental concepts for managing time and future planning, finish off with an exercise in balancing their work/life commitments.


Expanding your Network, Virtually

In the current landscape, if you want to continue to grow your professional outreach, it’s critical to have the expertise to do this online. Participants gain strategies for enhancing their profile and visibility, whatever role they are in, and in a way that is appropriate in the currently climate. They learn how easily their network can be expanded, taking small steps and often. All participants leave the session newly inspired and with real actionable steps to expand their network.


Story Telling in Communication 

This session introduces the ancient and powerful tool of storytelling, exploring how it can be used to enhance the impact of workplace communication. Whether the group need to give briefings, presentations, pitches or training, this session will explore the techniques and approaches within storytelling that add another dimension and greater depth to their message. The group will also be encouraged to harness the power of storytelling to become more natural and authentic in their delivery.


Influencing with Insight

In this session, the group will understand the power of influence as a communication tool and how it can be used to achieve individual and team goals. The premise of the workshop is that influence is situational, and requires different approaches that anyone can adopt, regardless of confidence or skill level. The group will explore in depth and real-life examples of each of these approaches and how they can apply them to their own work contexts.


Developing Confidence 

The aim of this online session is to provide participants with the opportunity to explore ways to enhance self-confident, in different situations and with different people. The purpose is to give colleagues a safe place to share what holds them back from being more confident. They will also be encouraged to make commitments on how they can develop their confidence further. The group explore beliefs, mindset and methods for building self-esteem. The session is both informative and interactive with participants working in pairs, generating ideas and practising techniques.


Handling Difficult Conversations  (Manager)

Healthy relationships and working culture are hinged on our ability to navigate and effectively deal with conflict. The group will explore how they currently deal with both professional and personal intricacies. Specially exploring the balance of assertiveness against cooperativeness. The group are given tools for dealing with reactions to feedback and managing emotions. We explore the importance of being proactive in taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. This session involves a self-assessment questionnaire as pre work.


Articulating your Value to Colleagues and Clients

Knowing what you do is one thing. Being able to articulate this to another person is a different skill entirely. In this group training session, participants will become clear on the value they bring to their teams and organisation. They will learn how to articulate that value in a way that is humble and compelling. Each participant will write and practice a personal introduction in small groups, receiving valuable feedback on their personal impact.


Other subject matters include:

  • Personal Development Planning
  • Being Part of a Team (Manager)
  • Remote Working  (Manager)
  • Influencing and Inspiring Team Members when Working Remotely
  • Change Management Skills in a New World
  • Managing Challenging Conversations in a Virtual World


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E-learning & Digital Modules

We provide a range of e-learning materials to support our training initiatives. These are specifically designed as pre, post, and interim learning, however could also be delivered as a stand alone product or online programme.

Here is a list of some of the topics we cover:

  • GROW
  • EPIC
  • SWOT
  • 6 Emotional Leadership Styles
  • 4 Levels of Listening
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Building Trust
  • Improving Trust
  • Giving Feedback (SIP)
  • Circle of Concern and Influence
  • Managing Project Stakeholders
  • Delegation
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Starting a Performance Conversation

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