Mindfulness Training for Business

Half day course

Workshop Objective

Living and working in a fast paced, busy environment can be mentally and physically challenging. Today, more than ever, we need to be able to manage stress, gain clarity over the choices we make and thrive in both our work and personal lives. Mindfulness training provides a proven set of practical tools for combating stress and building resilience.

This workshop will provide the participants with some of the most current tools and techniques in Mindfulness Training. They will explore the science that sits behind Mindfulness practices and gain clarity on how to be the most effective version of themselves. During the workshop the participants will be given the opportunity to practice mindfulness techniques in order to fully understand how they can use them on a daily bases.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Understand what Mindfulness is and isn’t, dispelling the myths

Use practical tools for applying Mindfulness on a daily basis

Understand how Mindfulness Training, the tools and exercises can enhance working relationships and help to feel more connected to others

Explain the science that make mindfulness practice so powerful

Use mindfulness techniques to minimise stress

Demonstrate improved mental and physical performance, better clarity and focus, greater resilience, increased creativity and quality of ideas.

What our clients say:

“Gave a good point of view. I think, Ross opened our eyes – gave another aspect, so I really enjoyed this training, I would highly recommend for others.”

Ross is really great as a trainer, very convincing, sharing interesting content and his best knowledge”

“Ross was a good leader, coach. Training was connective, continuous and logical. Communication was honest and clear.”

“He adjusts the training to the group’s needs. He always digs into the roots, listens. He moderates but he does not impose. I look forward to next training with Ross.”

“Ross became my unofficial mentor when I was invited for interview for an ITV producer role recently. He offered excellent advice and support as I prepared for my interview and he suggested an alternative mindfulness based thought process which I found to be essential in helping me find a way to manage my nerves. I got the job. I truly believe one of the reasons for this was that I was able to keep things in perspective and not allow my nerves to take hold – thanks to Ross’s coaching. Everyone should have a little Ross pep talk before they go for interview!”

What to expect?

We only pick the best venues for your development, our flagship venue, CitizenM, provides the most ideal space for learning; tea’s, coffee’s and refreshments are on tap and lunch is provided.

We aim to have no more than eight participants on our management training open courses, allowing us to work through live scenarios with each individual making the experience as personal and tailored as we possible can.

We’re well aware how challenging it can be to implement new skills and techniques, so we offer ongoing (telephone and email) post course support by the trainer to anybody that attends one of our courses.

Ready to take your learning to the next level?

For more information, or to book this course, please contact us. We are happy to discuss the various options and even tailor something to your specific learning requirements.