diversity & inclusion

One day course

Workshop Objective

To provide the participants with practical approaches and enhanced awareness that will enable them to identify and reduce the impact of unconscious bias in their day to day dealings with others. This will help lead to more inclusive and harmonious working environments and relationships with colleagues and customers.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Identify instances of unconscious bias. Explain why these occur and the impact they can have

Distinguish between conscious and unconscious bias

Move toward understanding, rather than judging, ourselves and others

Define valuing diversity and equal opportunities

Briefly explored key equalities-related legislation and how they relate to the workplace

 Recognise how unconscious bias effects diversity and inclusion in a business environment

Enhance levels of self awareness by exploring our own bias and how/why they have developed

Improve decision making skills

Identify key challenges to promoting diversity and explore strategies for overcoming them