Managing Difficult Conversations

Workshop Objective

Being able to deal with difficult conversations effectively is an essential skill in the workplace. This workshop provides participants with the tools and approaches for maintaining great working relationships, minimising conflict and handling difficult conversations. Recognising that disagreements and poor performance do not just disappear when ignored is something all managers should be aware of. The workshop deals with concerns people have about difficult conversations, explores individual challenges and provides the tools and attitudes for being effective in this area.

The group will explore behaviours and principles that build credibility, trust and integrity. Through doing so, individuals will begin to feel empowered to tackle difficult conversations in a level headed, timely and appropriate manner.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Clarify what is meant by, and what makes a difficult conversation

Understand how to build trust and recognise trust eroding behaviours 

Recognise the urgency and importance of having difficult conversations

Recognise personal values whilst respecting the value of others

Understand and deal with reactions to feedback

Learn how lack of integrity leads to difficult conversations

Practice skills for effective communication i.e. listening, interpretation and acknowledgement 

Understand how emotional intelligence can prevent conversations becoming difficult 

Explore a variety of methods for giving and receiving feedback

Create a personal action plan for handling conversations more effectively