About us

A passion for learning

At The Learning and Development Company a passion for learning and transformation runs deep through our core. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve outstanding results that last and impact both the business and the individuals that drive it. It’s simple, there are three things we do to help you get the result you want and we work closely with you from step one.


  • Defining the outcomes.
  • Understanding your business.
  • Clarifying training needs.

Tailored Training & Design

  • Delivering highly engaging courses.
  • Designing the right solution for your Business.
  • Blended learning for maximum impact & engagement.

Support & Engagement

  • Ongoing programme support.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Individual coaching

Measurement focused

We start with the end in mind, working closely with you from day one to make sure we find the most effective approach to measuring the results of the intervention. A high percentage of buyers haven’t even thought about how they might measure the return on their investment, but we’ll be engaging you in these conversations from the outset. Some of the things we’ll be talking about are: How the training has been received? How is the training being supported internally? What’s the behavioural change in participants? How are they using the tools, techniques, approaches? And finally we’ll need to find hard evidence of results that can be directly linked the learning experience.